It’s nice to tour the Bible Lands when you’re in good hands.


Have you always wanted to see the lands of the Bible? Now you can visit Israel, Turkey and Greece and enjoy Citystate's quality service as you journey to these wondrous destinations. Being travellers ourselves, we know that nothing beats the feeling of being well taken care of when we're away from home. That's why we've gone all out to design tours that aim to do the same for our guests; well-thought-out tours that turn the time you spend with us into a truly unforgettable experience.

Little things, such as quality hotel comforts and superb locations allow you time to go out and explore, and still have a good nights' rest. Great food in quantity, variety and taste indulge your palate, with sit-down table service rather than cafeteria-style eating. And then, there's the value of having a friend in your guide who is ever ready to assist, give you a hand and a warm smile.


And because your safety is everything to us; you'll be glad to know that we monitor travel conditions closely to ensure our tours are carried out with the utmost safety. Now if this already makes you feel good, how much more the thought of having refreshing iced bottled water onboard our coaches on swelteringly hot days?


At Citystate, caring for even the little things has enabled us to exceed the overall expectations of our guests, time and time again. This has greatly encouraged us to innovate even further – to continue to give you the quality, service and reliability that is worth returning for.